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The Furry page
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A whole page about the Furry subculture (or fandom.)

Furry as defined by Wikifur, The Furry Encyclopedia.

So what is this furry thing, anyway?

That's a tricky question, because everyone has a different answer.

* Some people would say that a furry is a person in the furry fandom

* Still more equate it with a style of anthropomorphic artwork

* If you've stumbled across this website by accident, chances are you would think of a funny animal (although you probably wouldn't use that term)

* Others think that furry is a way of life

* Some believe in various forms of furry spirituality (and, just like mainstream religions, some are faking it)

* People more familiar with Japanese CG art might equate furry with kemono

* People who've just read the Vanity Fair article or watched CSI may think that a furry is an overweight middle-aged guy with a bestiality fetish and a habit of dressing up in fursuits and "getting it on" with poor, defenseless plushies, though they might recognize that as somewhat of an exaggerated stereotype.

Any of these definitions may be accurate, to some extent. It depends who's using it, and when.

(NOTE: This was copy and pasted word for word from Wikifur's entry on the word furry. I only add the words "Furry as defined by Wikifur, The Furry Encyclopedia." at the beginning.)

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