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A page of my Rants. Because i need to vent my anger.

WARNING: Contains Ranting!
Video games cause violence
Ok, let me start off by saying video games do not cause violence in everyone. A problem in telling the difference between the game's world and the real world does. I am a gamer and have yet kill anyone with a master sword replica or a Double-barrel Shotgun. I don't think just because you played Grand Theft Auto you will then go out, get it on with a hoe, hop in you ride, run her over, take all the money she has on her, and then drive off. And if video games cause violence then wouldn't Radio, Nusic, Radio theater, Movies, TV, the internet, Board games, and talk to people cause it too. I mean come on i don't think most people who played the original DOOM went and shot a bunch of people for no reason.
Law Suits
It might just be me but people seem to sue people over almost anything. Because of this I had to put that wacko disclaimer on my site so I couldn't get sued. I am not law suit happy like some people, I wouldn't sue Burger King for making me fat or whatever. I may sue them for finding a thumb in my fries. I mean I'm not desperate to make a buck off a tiny mistake someone made.
Chat speak in real life
OMG want 2 go 2 teh mall 2marrow? Ok that is ok to say in an IM or text message, but not right to my face. Chat speak was meant to be use on game severs and not in face to face conversations. I do use chat speak but not in my actual life. It was developed for when I need to talk to a friend when I am in the middle of the enemy side of a capture the flag game in unreal and not when I'm at school in the library talking to my friend about our science project.

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